Multiple television broadcasters have been restricted by Buckingham Palace from showing footage from the Queen's funeral.

A peak audience of nearly 30 million tuned in to watch the day of the funeral on television when it was happening. However, Buckingham Palace has since banned a certain number of clips from ever being shown again.

On the day, the event was live on BBC One, BBC News, BBC iPlayer, and ITV's main and digital channels. Now, sections of the footage will never be shown on the channels again.

A total of five sections of video of members of the royal family won't be allowed to feature in any future news broadcasts or social media clips. Broadcasters were also instructed not to show a video from Westminster Hall which saw a man lunge at the Queen's coffin. Other medias were told to only use 'solemn and dignified' social media clips from the funeral.

Platforms such as TikTok have also been restricted.

Of course, not all have reacted well to the news of certain pieces of footage being banned, as it is considered as some sort of censorship.

Here are comments users left on social medias:

"Too late for that. Everyone who wants to comment have already saved the clips they wanted. This is exactly what it sounds like."

"Censorship to select what the UK public does and doesn't see."

"After the tax payers paid this?" another wrote.

Others criticised the British media, with one saying:

"I wonder whether Windsor's demanded this veto power or if the British media fell over themselves to hand the Windsor the veto before they even asked. Wouldn't surprise me ether way."

"We shall not forget British media collective lost their mind North Korean style."

On the other hand, one user resolved:

"It is a very good thing that some of the videos have been removed."

"Of course they have to be stoic, but they are also human beings, who have lost a mother and a grandmother, a person they loved regardless of kinship."

Credit: LadBible